The year that got by, Goodbye!

 The year that got by, Goodbye!

What is the new milestone, 

What is the new dream;

What is the goal we will set, 

What is the new stream –

Of thoughts, of ideas and of destiny, 

A new page turns over, even though it feels like 


The year that flew by, none of us can ever forget #2020
Year after year, when we celebrate, we look on; hoping and creating a #NewTomorrow but here we are, learning the greatest lesson of our lives that: we can not know it all.

The ant saved for a rainy day, but the grasshopper did nothing and yet, the ant and the grasshopper stood in the storm together. 

If anything, the year 2020 taught us patience, it taught us humility. 

It taught us to be on our feet and be ready for anything. It reminded us of how unpredictable life is. 

It’s difficult to write this blog because as you read this, and if you lived in the year of 2020, you would know a friend, a relative, a loved one, a colleague or their family member, a friend’s friend or someone in the neighbourhood affected by the pandemic, struck with COVID-19 – surviving or not; or just someone afflicted by something else but made worse with our surviving circumstances; in either case, we know how fellow beings have suffered. We have suffered. 

It’s difficult to make a generic statement counting in only the privileged -race, cast, creed, wealth – this time, it’s gone beyond differences and treated us all just the same. 

This for me, is the greatest learning from 2020. 

Humility. Unpredictability. Family. Friendships. And a deeper understanding of life. 

A deeper understanding of life, perhaps that’s what we were all meant to learn in the year 2020. 

Perhaps, that’s why we were all in this together. Even as i write this post, i am aware that my challenges might not compare to those that many others faced; yet I won’t demean or disregard any change that we all experienced – let’s own that it wasn’t according to our predictable plan – let’s own that for each of us it’s been different and it still counts. 

Each and everyone of us pushing forward counts.  

I think is something to remember 2020 with. Resilience. That each of us fought on. Somehow. And still, made it to the other side. 

From 2021, this might be the first year  that we don’t have fancy expectations. Or wait, maybe we do. Maybe we expect 2021 to fulfill all that we couldn’t in this one year that will disappear from our calendar; so we might have fancy expectations .. but one thing is certain. That we won’t expect 2021 to be one spun by a magic wand. The secret being, we are the magic wands ourselves. 

Even if it’s extremely tough, the solution to it all rests within our own lives. 

This year’s bean dynamic and full of drama. Full of emotions – so varied, that we might not be able to tell that it stems in the same year, the same time zone, yet it’s happened and it’s tested the mettle. The change, though personal, has taught us a lot about ourselves and brought us together. This world that we live in, has come together in one way …. And just for that, just to remember that, I am writing this blog and placing a little timestamp on #2020 

More soon, alwaysovertea. More soon. 

Until then, here’s wishing you a bright, strong and vivacious 2021.


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