To a Former Lover’s Present Love

I’ll meet her one day

And I won’t talk about you. 

I don’t even know her 

But my heart knows she’s true;

It’s only a picture but that smile is radiant

She has all the qualities of a good person 

It’s honest, it’s true 

How can I think ill or feel 

Anything poor?

For she doesn’t seem much different, 

She’s beautiful, 

She’s radiant,

And a lot like my reflection.

I like her. 

In a strange way, I think I know her.

She’s full of life,

She’s sincere, 

She cares and for some things, too much 

She’s independent, 

She’s complete 

She doesn’t look to you – for comfort or


She connects to share, 

To celebrate and to live. 

How can I not like her, 

When she’s just there –

A lot like me.

She speaks, she smiles

And when she does, her eyes do too –

Just like me!

She speaks, she has a voice, 

When she does, 

she’s earnest, she’s happy 

Just like me. 

How can I feel anything else but

This – I am happy 

That you have met her 

And I wish 

That you will complete this story 

Make it real 

And be the man 

That you never were – with me. 

That you will fight the world 

That you will decide 

That you will not give up this life 

For anything. 

I wish, I pray

That you will make this life 

Your priority. 

That you will chase it 

And you will make it happen 

You will love it to the core

You will protect it. 

You don’t have to hide this from me 

Because I won’t hurt her 

And she won’t hurt me. 

She’s not bitter, not poisonous 

She’s not evil, she’s not shrewd 

Just like me. 

She’s far too precious 

Possibly, wiser 

Probably, clearer

Possibly more certain, 

Probably, less fear

But the end of the day – 

She’s a woman like me. 

Exactly like the words I said 

On that last day

That she will be a feminist, 

An equalist, a compassionate – 

generous woman like me. 

Yes, I compare – not how much better 

She is or I am 

For a man like you or anyone else

Not that, but this – that we are alike. 

We have that joi-de-vivre 

The spirit to shine 

And we will. 

I will, she will. 

And I will – never come in the way 

I will pray from my heart for her complete happiness, 

A full life, a good life and everything nice

That wasn’t possible then

But will happen now.
I will remember in my heart,

That this was my prayer, 

My value addition, my contribution 

My great step to assert my absence, 

So you could fill your life 

With these qualities, these possibilities 

I am happy for you 

That you sought and found this 

A version 2.0 in your companion, 

It’s all the same, except this- 

The difference just this – 

She’s the present – 

And the present; 

treasure, cherish, preserve 

Because though we haven’t spoken, 

I am already her friend – 

And in my heart I know 

I will always want her happiness 

And in the bargain, yours too. 

~ Apsra 

#poem | 20 July 2021

p.s. My current obsession is Never have I Ever. You see, Aneesa and Devi do tell a story! ❤ #womenforwomen

Background: Dedicated to the present love of a former romance, the poem explores sentiments of solidarity between women, a code being well-wishers despite conventional presumption.

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