HOW TO Guide on SURVIVING 25 – 10 Feel GOOD Achievements every 25 Year Old HAS

So I am turning 25.

Everyone says “Come on! It’s just a number”

And I am like “Dude. It’s not.”

15 is a number.

17 is a number.

19 is a number

21 is a number too.

22,23, 24 are numbers.

Turning 25

But 25 ….. 25 is not.

25 – Most certainly, is NOT.

  • 25 is the number they use in movies to show the hero is grown up.
  • 25 is the number that leaves no doubt on being called “Aunty” irrespective of whether you are married or not.
  • For Men – the 25 year old guy is expected to be earning enough to be married, take care of his bride and plan for his children, their schooling, college, marriage, his own parents, his retirement  his house and everything else possible. (Heck. Even girls need to think of all that these days.)

Whatever it is, you’re labeled. Your 25. On the other side of the threshold, it’s kindda different.

However on the plus side, there are something’s that you will have managed by now.

1. You have SURVIVED the 12th HSC Boards.

2. Heck! You have survived the 10th boards too! Never underestimate the enemy and never undermine a victory! So yes, 12th pass kiya hai; aur 10th BHI pass kiya hai \m/ Yo!

3. You ARE a GRADUATE! No matter how many KTs you have or whichever way you screwed up, you’re sure to have become a graduate by 25. Many become post graduates! Whatever it is – applaud your achievement.

4. You HAVE A CAREER or something that passes as one and nobody questions it. Nobody says “what’s your future plan?” (unless about marriage. And that we discuss some other day) Period.

5. You have fallen in love and had your heart crushed. Now, they say, “it’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all” – believing there is some positive in that, here’s a ONE UP – One positive point! We have all go this one for sure by 25!

6. You have EARNED MONEY – Dude! Come on! When you were 15, 16, 17

– you didn’t ‘EARN’ money.

The hardest you worked fetched you 2 marks! But by 25 – you have definitely earned at least something of your own!

You have slogged 10 hours in office, you have worked your ***away for another person’s business, you have felt exploited, you have swear-cursed and still gone back to work the next day – BUT, you have EARNED that living.
So what! if you haven’t saved all! So what  – you have earned. Bottom line. Thumbs up!

7.   You have OFFICIALLY Passed the age of being scolded at home for anything you do.
I repeat – officially crossed the age mark. You Might NOT still get luxurious treatment at home and parents might still continue to ‘discipline’ you – but don’t give up hope. See… in the eyes of the world, you’re an adult! So… rub it in for your benefit!
E.g. Next time they scold you say “Mom, Dad – I am 25 years old for heavens’ sake! Don’t keep telling me what to do!”
Warning: Be prepared to be thrown out of the home for the same :/ make arrangements. If it doesn’t’ work, come back.
But there’s no harm in trying the “I am 25” line to your benefit! Who knows. Might just work!

8.   You once thought you were superman or super woman. Now you know the truth.
“Sala! Apan sab fod lenege.” was what you thought when you were a teenager. You are a ‘wise’ adult now. You have come to terms with what you can do and what you – well – have postponed to later. The good part is – you know 😉 and there is a WORLD out there of teenagers, and early 20s who think they are ‘rockstars’ 😀 I am telling you – sit back, take a bowl of popcorn, watch them and SMILE THE EVIL SMILE 😉

9.   You have been HUMBLED down by life
By now you have seen your set of failures. It’s done and over with! No more failures to be seen!!! \m/
At least it’s good to be optimistic now! Your phase of learning has taught you to be humble (which is why no 25 year old can be proud. Dude! We KNOW what life is, how hard it is and hence, we know we are HUMBLE!)
So, You are a HUMBLE MAN or HUMBLE Woman NOW! Be ‘proud’ that your are 25 and be proud because your are ‘humble’!  \m/

10.  And if NONE of the previous 9 have worked for you, here is something I am 100% sure you have.
At 25, you have your friends for life 🙂 You have met and lived with those amazing people who have seen you through sorrow and shared your smile in the sunshine.
You have those lovely relationships with your elders, where you’re no longer the kid. You’re like a friend.


You have celebrated many “birthdays”, lived many ‘parties’, been a part of ‘many surprises’ – given them and received them, gotten drunk and talked nonsense (in my case, just the nonsense:P) danced like crazy, sang out loud, driven a bike REAL FAST or sat behind a real fast bike ;), gone on long drives, tripped alone, stayed alone, gone on a trip with friends 😀 (yeah! Did that 😀 You MUST!), had your BEST TEA TIMES and many more awesome tea times to come of course! Oh! And not to miss, had your coffee at the Café too 😉

So, basically you’ve lived 25 years of classic experiences that no one knows but you!
At the end of the day, you have only gained.

You are an adult. Congratulations!

Starting today – men and women alike – will be showered with questions on marriage (all of a sudden you’ve grown up, but you have), starting today you will feel this sense of responsibility – after all! When you’re friend’s kids call you “Aunty” and “Uncle” you’re bound to feel responsible:/  😀

But whatever it is – it will pass 🙂 and it will pass in glory! #AMEN

If you’re turning 25 just like me or have already turned 25, happy 25 to you! 😀

Let’s raise a toast to THAT birth year, which is NOT just a Number 😛 Cheers!


  1. Many many happy returns of the day, Life cycle does not stop. But the only thing we can do is b happy, b young. And miles to go before we sleep. Once again many many happy returns of the day, good luck and God bless. Njoi. Keyur

    On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Half a cup of tea wrote: > Apsara posted: “So I am turning 25. Everyone says Common! Its just a number And I am like Dude. Its not. 15 is a number. 17 is a number. 19 is a number 21 is a number too. 22,23, 24 are numbers. Turning 25But 25 .. 25 is not. 25 ” >

  2. Agree with points one and two, plus we did it without without google and wikipedia….

    and as for point seven, well any mention of the fact that i have crossed the scolding age limit and I am reminded of ‘so starting cooking meals’ condition….a situation i avoid whenever possible :p

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