When You Are Still in Love and You Break-up – My EX Fell In Love: Book Review

Love, relationships, commitments, feelings – they happen even without us knowing it.

Of course the movies and culture have taught us – the guy proposes, the girl accepts (Now of course, vice versa too) but most of the time in life, we give away our heart, without even knowing it. It’s not something we calculate. It’s something that happens.

And then we take charge. We say “ Ok. My Heart is stupid. I can’t be in love because I have to study or work or concentrate on business or get this or get that” and our list of “other things” pitted against love goes on and occupies a more important space in our life, in our “mind” to specific”. In such cases, we give up Love and declare the “break up”.

My EX Character - Samantha
My EX Character – Samantha

And then the whole story begins.

Of course, if you’ve fallen out of Love or if there are situations that can’t be turned around – Like one cheating over the other? Like one shifting base? Like barriers you can’t cross? … if it has ended because it had to, you have to move on.

But IF it has ended “just because you want to be practical”, then my friend, the tough part is to say the first half of the book’s Title “ MY EX”.

How do you call a person you love “My EX”? And because you still love that person, the second part of the Book’s Title will haunt you, “Fell in Love”.

So basically, what you’re reading is “ My LOVE, fell in love” and that’s why it becomes the “Title” of a book.  And the basis of this story and that’s why it becomes all the more real.

So – that brings me to “My EX fell in LOVE” 😀 (after the dissection of the title 😉 ) If you’re thinking it’s a serious love stricken book, well you’re mistaken 😀

It’s a comedy of errors right from the minute the ‘relationship’ begins. They say men love football, our hero worships his work. Our girl is simple, not the very different kinds – she’s the girl next door. She’s actually also the girl friend you fear – the one who demands your love, your attention, your affection and everything, yet innocently.

Both have their sets of friends. Both have their own expectations and that’s the whole circle. Many things in the book, just like life – so many things that happen at once!

My EX Character - Vikalp
My EX Character – Vikalp

And in this process, our guy, tries to be practical and gives up on his girl and that when he realizes that he was – indeed – in love. And then the love triangle of the girl – the guy – the girl’s new shoulder to cry a.k.a the New Love and mixed emotions, the confusions and the whole roller coaster ride!

In short, this is a “feel good” book.

This guy – I mean the author here – has it in him indeed. Pick up this book and leave the rest to his skill. He’ll make sure you don’t put it down! 😉

And now for confessions:

I never expected the book to be good: :p It’s a campus love story and I left my campus 4 years back. I’d never pick a book from this genre off the rack, if it wasn’t for Shubham (and I am pleasantly surprised and pleased that I did 🙂 ) – A guy I met over the internet, debating over a blog post, some one and half years back on twitter! How time flies and how friends grow 🙂

Today also happens to be his birthday, (;) :p Modest Mention) and while we’re all so busy in our personal and professional lives, here I share a post I’d written almost a year back, when the book had launched! (Umm.. about 8 months back, the book launched last November.) and never found the right “muhurat” to share the post. ( :p)

Attached is the pick of the first ever copy that this first time author had clicked for the first time and sent over whatsapp for the first person on the list. :p (So I presume and would like to brag about :p)

There goes: My – EX Fell in Love by Shubham Choudhary. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/MyEXFellInLove And finally, Happy Birthday Shubham Choudhary  and have a great year ahead!


For everyone else, thanks for reading 🙂 And yes, this is an honest review.



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