Apsara Iyengar has been writing for sometime now…. if you count diary entries at the age of 12, then, about ten years ;). She has been a passionate poet, writer and orator through school and college, with over 35 poems to her credit. You can find some of her previous work on Msn.contribute. A graduate of science, with experience in virtual classroom and digital media education, she has experience in teaching, creative concept designing, as well as the various aspects of a normal job, where you are getting-that-thing-done! But her interest in theatre and the gift of gab, have led her to become an established Voice Artist, in her small city – Vadodara; something that she enjoys thoroughly. She is also into short filming and is pursuing education in mass media and a career in creative communications, to blend the skills of science with the power of language.


[This post was written in 2010. The updated version is here: as of 2012, December.

Please click here to view: http://wp.me/P13q6Q-8H ]


    • Oh! Thank you! But this about section is 2 years old :/ I need to update it!! 🙂 But thanks for the comment… It’s reminded me that its time to update!:) Cheers!

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