He and She – Abstract Conversations

Sometimes I just feel like thanking God for all the “Learning” that is around me. And then, sometimes, I just wonder, why so much learning? Why do I meet people who teach me so much? Why do I keep learning at every point? Why does everything in life seem so larger than life…

Simple sentences and simple thoughts move me. Simple questions ring in my mind and simple observations and philosophies rule my heart. Just putting down a few here; each hashtag has different people who have inspired the thoughts and these are near real conversations:


She says, “You are honest, sincere, hard working, and “self made” …. and successful!! It’s fantastic to be in touch with such an amazing person. Thanks for being in my life. Touch wood”

He says, “Itna bada math banaoo k upar ashirwad dena wala hath hi na ho”

“Don’t raise me to such a pedestal that I might miss out on the blessing of the almighty”


She says, ” And you know what! He did that on purpose to make me feel awkward. I mean, I am okay… but I saw that he was pretending to be okay.”

He says, “You noticed! I noticed too. Listen….. just forget it because he is twisted. That’s the way he is. He doesn’t know what he wants and he doesn’t want to face you. Let him be”


She says, “I keep getting these mood swings. Yesterday I looked good – felt good – worked good. Today, I am a little stuck with work. The questions start to haunt, ‘am I at all doing the right thing?”

He says, “I think you specifically take out time to analyze your life! Dude relax! How can anyone make such comparisons? Move with the way things move”


She says, “So, I am basically starting to work independently.”

He says, “What’s the plan?”

She says, “Social media and I want to be a writer”

He says, “People who don’t have a plan – Fail.”

She says, “My plans fail”

He says, “You need to be wiser. You can’t change how you’ve been for 25 years. However, you can be realistic.”


She says, “21 to 24 determines your life! My life has been such a challenge. It’s made me who I am”

He says, “So, don’t think I am too young because for me this happened form 18 to 21.”

It’s ‘3 years’ that define us. Which 3 years is determined by life.


And these are just a few of the many random interactions I come across each day.

If you have something to add or share, write to me at apsara.iyengar@gmail.com or talk to me on twitter @apsra


  1. Who knew one day i’d be so lucky 😛
    But you know what, there have been better and wiser interactions, they could have made a place too.. 😀

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