Faster . Smarter. Sharper.

No, We aren’t talking about the new 3G services that have entered the telecom industry. We are talking about the new genre of medical professionals who are set to make a difference on an all new platform. The internet.

The New Age online doctor has all the qualities to charm us. He is tech savvy, he is available, he is easy to reach and ready to help. In an age where an average teenager spends 80% of his free-time online and where the society is growing to embrace a more “social” network online, the time has come where we use the benefits of a virtual hospital!


What started merely as articles and fitness tips has now grown into ( and further still growing) a well-defined medical and pharmaceutical business online; offering products ranging from degrees to drugs to online consultancy. The more health conscious we are, the more resources we seem to have in hand! The benefits of these online consultants are far-reaching. Your son on a camp , can be treated for injuries by simply logging onto to his laptop and following steps to cure. Or , your daughter in labour , can be guided about foetus care without having to travel to the hospital that often. You on the other hand, can explore other medical opinions for your paining joints or migraine when your doctor’s medication hasn’t been working. Besides qualified opinions from experts, the online medical support also includes forums and discussion rooms where you can find other similarly ailing people and monitor different treatment methods. Sexual discomforts can be discussed in anonymity and symptoms of diseases can be understood before seeking medical help in person.

These online doctors and experts elevate our lives!  They make us independent, self-sufficient and educated. Not just the diet plans from dietitians, we can now learn about ailments and health behaviours, habits and treatments , after surgery exercise and much more.

However  making an observation about their shortcomings also becomes mandatory. Some of the challenges are that the authenticity of doctors and medical backgrounds may have to be meticulously verified, which could be difficult. On the other hand the doctors may not be held liable for the drugs they prescribe. Physical and personal treatment may be difficult and expensive for the patient.


Nevertheless, the online doctor can help you with emergencies,  about quick first-aid as well as guide you about your condition and suggest treatment. They are well-informed with the latest developments in science and medicine and are contributing largely through video conferencing. On the pharmaceutical front, the Pharma-companies can do well by having online doctors to endorse their products and promote sales. Projects or Initiatives taken up by volunteers, for instance, can help bring the best of medical guidance even to rural areas and remote areas underdeveloped nations .

A difference can be made because the platform is ready. This 3rd generation of (3G) doctors are, hence, here to stay. Like the ancient Ayurveda Vaids who were the 1st generation and the modern educated 2nd generation Doctors, the 3G doctors also, are set to influence the way we live!



>>>>>>>>> This is an original Apsara Iyengar article written for commercial purposes<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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