and the world around it….

Tea = Chai = Break time = Fun = Talking = Thinking = Wondering = Brooding = Crying = Laughing = Planning = Short Picnic = LIFE LINE.

“Tea” is the magical word that has inspired me to live till this date. Yes, I can explain how.

“Chal yaar. Bus ek aur lecture, phir chai peene jayenge”

“ Vey mera upwas hai, chal tea break lete hai!”

From staying awake during exams in school to surviving long hours of college, it is the “Chai” that has inspired my fellow men and me to keep living!

Low or high, tensed or relaxed, tired or energetic…Somehow , all the best moments have come with that tea cup in hand. 😉

The tea-stand outside office which inspired us to work through the day or the tea-stand outside college, where we stood in the rain bunking college, or for that matter, tea on the high way with a long drive to it…ultimately, it’s all, always over tea!

It is on these tea-breaks that great problems of the world like global warming and gay rights have been discussed and solved. It is on these tea breaks of navratri nights that the mind has felt refreshed and rejuvenated, in spite of the body tired by dancing. And it is the same tea-time moment in the midst of a fix ,when you’re working hard to put up the show, and yet surviving the stress; enjoying the romance with the moment or the companion ;).

So it is all about that one cup of tea. That one cup that brings you back to yourself. That makes you think , talk , laugh and enjoy.

And that half a cup of tea that you never want to finish.

That half-a-cup-of-tea that got you started up, and the one you want to hold on to.

That half-a-cup-of-tea that you soooo-want-to-postpone finishing, because you have so much to say and such little time!

This blog is about tea-time musings.

The blog can have scandalous “thoughts” , fictional, non-fictional, philosophical, social, boring, interesting, sad, romantic, humorous, enjoyable , informative, LONG, short, smart, SERIOUS, personal as well as irritating content.

These are the categories I can think of for now. It would be my privilege to add more categories.

I can assure that the posts will be sincere with no intension of hurting any sentiments. The author’s motive is to make the world a better place to live, but while that project is still in the pipe line; let’s just sip that cup of tea and hold on to that half a cup of tea-time 😉

Cheers to all,




  1. mwuaaah…..i loved it …and promise to participate in this half cup chai session ;-)…..chal ab phone ka bill bhi kaam ayega 😉 lol

  2. Ya Apsara, now i know what you used to think when you’d look out of the
    window during class….love you nice piece of work

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